Porter Ranch Gas Leak Help and Legal Support

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Legal Compensation

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Help and Legal Support. Call Now 855-525-3425 The Porter Ranch Gas Leak has caused quite a stir in the Porter Ranch, CA community. What very well could be the largest natural gas leak ever reported, this leak releases 100,000 tons of Methane gas into the air each hour! In fact, Los Angeles County has now filed … Read More

Diminution After an Auto Accident

When an vehicle gets into an accident and becomes damaged, it needs repairs. While repairs that follow get the car back in shape, a side effect of the damage lingers on.  The side effect, called diminution refers to reduction in resale value. Whenever you see the term, diminution relating to a vehicle, it points directly to reduced value. In fact, … Read More

Southern California Commuter Traffic

Facts About Inherent Diminution

If you live in Southern California, you may know that the highways and byways are not getting any less traveled. You may know that they aren’t being improved and expanded nearly fast enough to keep up with the level of traffic on them. When we do see an update with a new lane expansion, for example, it’s usually long-awaited. Sometimes … Read More

Southern California Personal Injury Arabic Attorney

Southern California Arabic Attorney

Are you a member of an Arabic community in Southern California and a victim of a personal injury? Are you concerned about who you should turn to? Do you want legal help from someone who really understands your needs? Do you want an attorney to help who knows what is important to you and your community? You may want the … Read More

Southern California Arabic Attorney

Southern California Arabic Attorney

If you live in an Arabic community in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside or San Diego County, you may want to know more about Arabic people with special skills who can serve you well. If you have a legal issue with a car accident injury or personal injury, you’ll want to know more about Paul Batta. He’s a Southern California Arabic … Read More

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Legal Compensation

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Legal Compensation

Although many residents have returned to Porter Ranch since the gas leak was permanently capped in February, the ordeal will not soon be forgotten. The Porter Ranch gas leak released, by many estimates more than 80,000 metric tons of malodorous methane gas into the air since October 2015. It pumped out fumes over many neighborhoods, with Porter Ranch at the … Read More

Arabic Community Attorney

Arabic Community Attorney You Can Trust

Some attorneys serve a city and county. Others may even offer special skills in certain legal services, with a focus on certain communities in their county. A trusted San Diego Arabic attorney can be a great help to Arabic speaking people in the area, for example. Although, there are many Arabic communities throughout Southern California. Wouldn’t it be nice if … Read More

5 Must Do’s Right After You Suffer Auto Accident Injuries

Do After You Suffer Car Accident Injuries

If you’ve been the victim of an auto accident, it can feel overwhelming to try and figure out all the things you need to do to start moving forward with your accident claim. As an auto accident attorney, by the time I speak with someone who has been in an auto accident, it is often too late to gather all … Read More

Should You See a Doctor for An Auto Accident Injury

Doctor for Auto Accident Injury

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, chances are you went to a doctor and got a complete checkup. Chances are you did that right after the accident happened. But if you have only minor injuries like a sore neck or a little muscle and joint pain, should you see a doctor for an auto accident injury? … Read More

San Diego Personal Injury Small Claims

Personal Injury Small Claims

People with San Diego personal injury small claims, may often find they have a lot on their minds. It can be tough trying to figure out the process. Filing a claim in the court is just one of the steps involved. If you have a small claim for personal injury and choose to try to file the claim yourself, you … Read More

Legal Advice For the Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Legal Compensation

By now you have probably heard about the Porter Ranch Gas Leak. This ongoing environmental disaster was caused from a leaking well in the Southern California Gas Company’s storage facility at Aliso Canyon. The leak has displaced thousands of families. It has caused illness and injuries, as well as lowering property values. It is no small matter, belching about 100,000 … Read More