Southern California Commuter Traffic

Facts About Inherent Diminution

Southern California Commuter TrafficIf you live in Southern California, you may know that the highways and byways are not getting any less traveled. You may know that they aren’t being improved and expanded nearly fast enough to keep up with the level of traffic on them. When we do see an update with a new lane expansion, for example, it’s usually long-awaited. Sometimes it provides sufficient relief, many times it’s quickly surpassed by higher levels of traffic and congestion. The situation can create a catch 22 much more than a solution for Southern California commuter traffic. Commuters look for the decrease in congestion. They don’t often find it. What they can find is a frustration with inherent shortcomings in our roadway system.

Southern California Commuter Traffic and the Roadway System

To bypass high density traffic and stubborn congestion, commuters will often leave the house earlier. If they can, they will skew their departure time from work to avoid the heaviest rush hour. But lately, even that may not create a fix on some highways. For many, if they want to avoid the crunch in the morning, they’ll have to leave before 5:30am, or resign themselves to more of the same.

Southern California Commuter TrafficWith this state of affairs in Southern California commuter traffic and the roadway system, the chance of car accidents seems systemic. At the same time, common courtesy and great driving skills herald fewer accidents that you might expect. But, even the best of drivers can find themselves in a sudden, unavoidable spot.

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