Southern California Arabic Attorney

Southern California Arabic Attorney

Southern California Arabic AttorneyIf you live in an Arabic community in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside or San Diego County, you may want to know more about Arabic people with special skills who can serve you well. If you have a legal issue with a car accident injury or personal injury, you’ll want to know more about Paul Batta. He’s a Southern California Arabic attorney. He’s lived in the area all his life. He has close ties with the Arabic community. He makes himself available to help in every way he can, as a seasoned, skilled lawyer. He also speaks fluent Arabic. Many are set immediately at ease being able to speak with him in their first language.

Southern California Arabic Attorney For Legal Help With Car Accident or Personal Injury

Recently, Paul reached out to help victims of the Porter Ranch gas leak. He met with families. He gave them advice and lined them up with the best support and legal help. Paul’s efforts to assist friends and neighbors in the disaster led to many finding a remedy to quite a difficult ordeal. Paul even set up meetings in several towns. These included Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge. He educated people on the severity of the gas leak. He advised them on exactly what they should do.

Thousands of Porter Ranch residents had to be relocated while the gas leak pumped over 80,000 tons of methane across the region. Although, thanks to the quick response and help of a Southern California Arabic attorney like Paul, many Arabic residents found their situation under control. They and many others have now returned home.

Paul Batta can be of great help in legal matters. He is there for Arabic residents of Southern California. They can turn to him with confidence. If you have a need, get a free consultation. He works on contingency. That means if he assists you in a car accident injury or personal injury case, he won’t get paid unless you do. Please contact him with any questions, and be well.