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Arabic Community AttorneySome attorneys serve a city and county. Others may even offer special skills in certain legal services, with a focus on certain communities in their county. A trusted San Diego Arabic attorney can be a great help to Arabic speaking people in the area, for example. Although, there are many Arabic communities throughout Southern California. Wouldn’t it be nice if that San Diego Arabic attorney you could count on for your auto accident injury needs locally could also help Arabic people you might know in the region? Wouldn’t it be great to rely on an Arabic community attorney that serves not just San Diego, but Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties?

Arabic Community Attorney  For Auto Accident Injury Victims in Southern California

Are looking for an Arabic community attorney to represent you as an auto accident injury victim? You’re in the right place! You’re on Paul Batta’s website. He is an Arabic lawyer of choice. He helps with auto accident injury claims in Southern California. He knows what the Arabic communities need. He knows what is most important to them. When it comes to auto accident injuries, having an attorney they can trust, who is fluent in Arabic is a must. Paul is both. He has worked on many cases for members of Arabic communities all over Southern California. He has won many settlements for them.

Paul Batta has worked with a variety of arabic communities. These include Chaldean, Lebanese and Syrian. They include Saudi Arabian, Egyptian, Iraq, and Jordanian. Paul knows how important a sense of community is to the Arabic families he works with. He is there to help them with all their questions. He works hard to get them the settlements they deserve. You don’t have to handle the legal system alone. With Paul, you can have an Arabic community attorney who will help make the process much easier.

Paul’s office is based in San Diego, while he serves all Southern California.  He is a well-respected Arabic lawyer, who is known in San Diego. He plays an active role in the Arabic community. He may be seen at many of its events. He was president of MELSA (Middle Eastern Law Student Association). He held that post while at California Western Law School in San Diego CA.

Being fluent in Arabic gives Paul the unique ability to help families stay relaxed and calm during what is often a frightening ordeal. Arabic families can use the language they are most at ease with while discussing their legal issues. Paul knows that being the victim of a car accident injury is scary enough. Anything he can do to make the process easier to understand and helpful for his clients is key. It is something he does not take lightly. He even helps them find the right doctors and medical care, should that be something they need. One of Paul’s goals is to make sure his clients return to the level of health they enjoyed before their injuries.

Paul helps his clients get the settlements they deserve. He does this without high retainer fees. As a Southern California personal injury attorney, Paul works on contingency. That means if you don’t get paid, neither does he. He also makes it easy for you to get started. He gives you a no-risk, free consultation when you call. He’s the Arabic community attorney with your best interests in mind.

Have you or a loved one had an auto accident injury? Would you or that loved one like to speak to an Arabic lawyer who is fluent in Arabic? Please contact Paul at 619.623.4321. He will let you know if he can help. He will recommend the next steps for you to take. Get his help. Get the help of an Arabic lawyer you can count on!