Legal Advice For the Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Legal Compensation

By now you have probably heard about the Porter Ranch Gas Leak. This ongoing environmental disaster was caused from a leaking well in the Southern California Gas Company’s storage facility at Aliso Canyon. The leak has displaced thousands of families. It has caused illness and injuries, as well as lowering property values. It is no small matter, belching about 100,000 pounds of Methane gas into the air every hour. The leak is being reported as quite possibly the largest of its kind ever! Residents of Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge must not delay getting legal advice for the Porter Ranch Gas Leak.

Legal Advice for the Porter Ranch Gas Leak Affecting Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge

Legal Advice for the Porter Ranch Gas LeakGet the Advice of an Attorney Who Grew up in Porter Ranch. As someone who was born and raised in Porter Ranch, living there for 30 years, I still feel a deep connection with the whole, affected area. I have come to believe that it is my duty to step in and help. I want to educate the community that helped form me. Having family and friends still there, I have spent time explaining to them the current gas leak situation. In talking to several friends and neighbors, I have come to realize that many of the residents of Porter Ranch do not understand the severity of this leak. They do not understand exactly how it affects them. I have decided to help get the word out to others in the area. I want them to know exactly what the situation is, as it stands now. They can learn about the legal options available to them. I am ready and willing to get them needed legal advice for the Porter Ranch Gas Leak.

As a personal injury lawyer, I know firsthand how something like this gas leak can cause severe injuries and illness. I know firsthand how victims can get the compensation they deserve. As someone who cares deeply for the community, I want to see those who are suffering find relief and peace of mind. It isn’t just from physical suffering either. Many homes have lost value. That has caused financial hardship for a lot of families. They have potentially lost tens of thousands in equity in their homes overnight.

I am personally available to discuss and provide legal advice for the Porter Ranch gas leak with each and every potential victim who would like some advice. Help is available to you. What’s more, you don’t have to pay out of pocket to recover your losses from this major disaster. Please know that I care deeply about our community. I want to offer myself as a resource of information. I want to help you get back on your feet and make a full recovery. Don’t suffer through this alone. Visit

I have decided to join forces with two of the largest law firms in the area. It will ensure that we have all the resources to win settlements for those affected. These reputable firms are highly successful in recovering losses for their clients. They can help you get the compensation you deserve. If you think you might be suffering from some of the symptoms in the chart below, please call me at 855-525-3425. You will get a no-obligation, confidential consultation. It is my goal to see each and every citizen of Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Chatsworth and Northridge restored to the level of health and wellness they enjoyed prior to this disaster.

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RESIDENTS OF Granada Hill, Chatsworth, Northridge may also qualify.

You may be compensated if you have suffered:
Headaches, dizziness, nosebleeds, stomach discomfort, and respiratory problems
Personal Property Damage
Annoyance & Discomfort
Loss in Value of Residence