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San Diego Lebanese Community

When you find yourself faced with a personal injury or auto accident injury in San Diego, you want to choose wisely when it comes to an attorney to rely on for help. You want to find someone who understands what you are going through and is a legal expert. Naturally, you want someone who understands what means most to you and your loved ones. It is important to you if they are highly regarded in the community, as well.  As a member of the Lebanese community, you will likely want to find a lawyer of that stature, and a San Diego Lebanese lawyer you can count on. You will find both in Paul Batta. He is a well-respected personal injury attorney. He is also a member of the San Diego Lebanese Community. Both his parents are from Lebanon. His Lebanese roots go back to childhood, and he brings with him the added benefit of understanding the community and its values. He is available to help with any and all questions. Get his great advice on a personal injury case or an auto accident lawsuit.

San Diego Lebanese Lawyer You Can Count On In the Community

San Diego Lebanese Lawyer You Can Count OnThe Lebanese community in San Diego is a close, thriving one. Its members find pride and enjoyment in their traditions and culture. They include them in all they do. The community hosts various events and festivals year round. The San Diego Lebanese community is a vibrant part of San Diego’s community as a whole. As a Lebanese member, Paul Batta understands the dedication his community shares for their faith and their families. He is a San Diego Lebanese lawyer you can count on.

Brief Background

Paul grew up with close ties to the Lebanese community. He has always been a part of local churches and organizations. While in college at UCI, Paul was one of the founding members and president of the LSC (Lebanese social club). He was also the president of MELSA (Middle Eastern Law Student Association). This was an honor he held at California Western Law School in San Diego CA.

The Well-Respected San Diego Lebanese Lawyer of Choice

Many Southern California Lebanese people know Paul as a trusted friend and lawyer. He has close ties with the San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles Lebanese communities. He often attends local festivals and events for St. Ephrem Church (San Diego Based). He does the same for Saint John Maron Church (Orange County based) and Our Lady Of Mt. Lebanon (Los Angeles Based). He is actively involved in the churches and their activities. These are just a few of the ways Paul gives back to his community as a whole. It is a community he plans to support all through life. He also wants to give his unwavering support as a San Diego Lebanese lawyer you can count on.

The Lebanese community has a strong presence in San Diego. It even includes the House of Lebanon, a newer member of the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages in Balboa Park. Values and traditions held most dear by the community are well understood by Paul. His familiarity as one of its members will put you quickly at ease. You will not find it hard to connect. He is fluent in Arabic. Many of his Lebanese clients get the legal help they need in the comfort zone of their first language. He is the San Diego Lebanese Lawyer you can count on for help with a personal injury, or auto accident injury.

If  you are a member of the Lebanese community and need the help of not just any attorney, choose the San Diego Lebanese Attorney you can count on. Let him answer all your questions. He will give you his full attention. He will give you his expert personal injury or auto accident injury help. At the same time, you will pay nothing out of pocket. Paul works just on contingency. He will only get paid if and when you do. Get a no risk, no obligation consultation. Feel free to contact Paul today: 619.623.4321.