San Diego Rear End Auto Accident Injury

In 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 28% of car accidents were in fact rear-end collisions. Although not always injury inducing,
many rear end auto accidents do result in serious injury and total loss of the victim’s vehicle. Getting rear-ended can be a scary situation, especially if you did not see the other driver coming, or if you were at a complete stop and could do nothing to get out of the other driver’s way. Figuring out what are the best steps to take can be frustrating and time consuming. If you have been in a rear end auto injury inducing accident in San Diego, you may be wondering what the best next steps are in order to settle your case and get back to the level of health and wellness you enjoyed prior to your accident. Many times, victims of a San Diego rear end auto accident injury believe they don’t need to hire a lawyer because they presume that if someone rear-ended them, then the liability will be clear. This is not always the case, and even if liability is clear, it does not mean that recovery will be certain. Resolving the matter of liability also does not guarantee that the injured party will get all the compensation that they are entitled to including money for time lost from work or pain and suffering.

The Next Steps in San Diego Rear End Auto Accident Injury Settlement

The auto insurance companies, although they may tell you they have your best interest in mind, will often allow their own interests to supersede that of their insured’s. That means you could end up paying out of pocket for things that an auto accident attorney may have been able to get you a settlement for. Even if your insurance company promises you treatment and a settlement, they will often offer you much less than what you really deserve and will assume that you won’t understand the laws and your rights with regards to receiving a settlement for your claim.

Even if you believe that your San Diego rear end auto accident injury is a simple matter, you would be better off consulting with a car accident attorney who is experienced in these matters and can help you get the settlement you deserve. Many times victims of rear end auto injuries worry that they won’t be able to afford an attorney, but in California, auto accident attorneys work off contingency, meaning they won’t get paid until (and unless) you do. There are never any out of pocket expenses when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney, so the best option is to have someone on your side who can help you navigate the legal system and get the settlement you deserve. If you are unsure if an attorney is the right choice, it never hurts to have a consultation with an auto accident attorney to get educated, and find out whether or not you have a case.

Paul Batta offers free consultations for potential clients, and should you choose to hire him as your attorney for your San Diego rear end auto accident injury, he will only get paid if you do. Please give Paul a call today to find out how he can help you not only receive a settlement, but also get back on track to the level of health you enjoyed prior to your accident. (619) 623-4321