How Much a Rear End Collision Settlement Is Worth


If you have been the victim of a rear end collision in San Diego County, you may be wondering how much a rear end collision settlement is worth and what you can hope to receive from your case. There is no hard and fast number that can be given out for every rear end collision case. Although, several factors contribute to rear end collision settlements.

The first factor is based on the medical treatment and care that is required from any injuries sustained as a result of the rear end collision. Do you need surgery? Will there be ongoing medical care required such as physical therapy or chiropractic care? Your San Diego County personal injury attorney will be able to use a combination of these factors to help arrive at a settlement amount for your case.

The second factor that will help determine how much a rear end collision settlement is worth stems from who is at fault for the accident in San Diego County. Were you at fault or was it the other driver? If you believe you were at fault for the accident be sure to discuss the options with your San Diego County personal injury attorney. They can point you in the right direction. If the other driver was at fault, is there proof, and do you have witnesses?

What Else Determines How Much a Rear End Collision Settlement Is Worth?

How Much a Rear End Collision Settlement is WorthThe amount of damage to your vehicle is going to be another factor in determining your rear end collision settlement. Was there only minor damage from your rear end collision in San Diego County or was your car a total loss? What was the value of your car prior to the accident? These factors can change the settlement amount, so be sure to have all the required information ready when you speak with your San Diego County car accident lawyer.

The other driver’s insurance policy is also going to play a big factor in your settlement amount. Did the other driver have insurance? If so, what are their policy limits? This information may seem difficult or impossible to obtain when working on your own settlement, but if you are working with a San Diego County personal injury lawyer, they will be the ones to gather this information, making the process much simpler for you.

In certain cases, how much a rear end collision settlement is worth can be in the millions of dollars. Although this is not always an expected outcome, for clients who have been severely injured or have suffered from extreme financial hardship as a direct result of their rear end collision in San Diego County, this can be a reasonable settlement to expect. If injuries and damage were minor, the settlement can come out to only a few thousand dollars. It is always best to discuss any settlement, even if you anticipate it being only a few thousand dollars, with a lawyer. Often car insurance companies will try to convince you to settle without a lawyer, which can often mean much lower compensation than if you had someone working on your case.

While it is impossible to determine how much a rear end collision settlement is worth before having your case looked at thoroughly by a personal injury attorney, if you have been injured in an auto accident, please know that you do not have to work on getting a settlement on your own. No matter how severe the accident, it is always recommended that you contact a personal injury attorney right away to find out what steps are available. In some cases, your personal injury attorney can help you get medical treatment while you wait for your settlement money to arrive. They can also put you in contact with medical professionals that are known for their expertise.

If you have been injured in a rear end collision in San Diego County, Paul Batta is available to speak with you in a no obligation, and completely free consultation. He has handled many rear end collision cases and can talk to you about your options and next steps to take. Should you decide to move forward with a case, Paul will work on contingency, which means he will only get paid when you do.

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